An Update from Venice Pines Veterinary Clinic

Updated: July 17, 2020

Now that our state has lifted some restrictions on non-essential care, we have resumed elective surgeries and are offering our full menu of veterinary services for your pet.

While we are still offering the option of curbside drop-off care, we do allow clients to come into the hospital with their pets if they feel comfortable doing so. If you prefer that option, please inform us when you call to let us know you’ve arrived for your appointment. At that time, we’ll usher you and your pet to an exam room immediately to avoid multiple people congregating in the lobby. A mask is required if you will be coming into the clinic. You are still welcome to wait in your vehicle for your pet if you like. 

For those still opting for curbside drop-off care, please call once you have arrived and leave a message on the voice mail. Tell us your cell phone number and your vehicle and color.  A team member will call you and then come out to you and your pet in the parking lot. The team member will collect your pet to be taken inside for exam and treatment.  All dogs must be on a leash and all cats in a carrier. We have our own sterilized leashes and we ask you remove all extra “clothing” from your pet before you leave your home.  You can leave on their harness/collar and leash but after we put on our clinic leash, we will detach your leash if able. If you want to pass off any samples, notes to us, credit card or payment method at this time to limit contact and visits out to the parking lot for team members, that will be helpful. We will sterilize your card and will not run the card or process any payments until all plans have been agreed and finalized. The card will be returned to you with your pet.

Be prepared to answer your phone so that our team can obtain a history and our doctor can talk with you after the exam. We will go over any recommendations over the phone.  Once a plan has been reached, we will complete treatments and a team member will discuss and finalize the invoicing/billing as well.  Once everything is complete, we will bring your pet, any medications/foods and discharge paperwork back to you at your car.  You will need to sign the credit card receipt with your own pen or a sterilized pen. Receipts and discharge paperwork can be emailed as well.

Enhanced cleaning procedures and safety precautions remain in place inside the hospital as well. 

Prescription and Food Pick-up
Please contact the hospital in advance for prescription and food refills we request 24-48 hours for most refills, possibly much longer for certain medications and foods. When your prescription is ready for pick-up, we will contact you. When you arrive, please call us so that payment can be processed and we will bring your medications/food out to your vehicle.

We want to remind you that we also have a trusted online pharmacy partner who can deliver your pet’s supplies directly to your home. Shipping is free on many orders, and there’s also an Auto-Ship option that will send your pet’s regular meds and foods to you on schedule. 

Special Circumstances
End of life or euthanasia care is still being provided with one to two family members present maximum.  We ask if able that you call in advance so that we may instruct you on what to do upon arrival. For any and all interactions, we ask that only healthy members of your family accompany your pet.

We also want to say how much we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time as we continue to work hard to keep you, our staff, and your pets healthy. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (941)492-9692 or emailing if you have questions or if we can be of help to your pet. 

~ Dr. Molly and all the doctors and staff of Venice Pines Veterinary Clinic