Diagnostics are a critical part of veterinary medicine, helping us to determine each patients’ condition and needs. We have a variety of excellent diagnostic tools available to us at Venice Pines Veterinary Clinic, including:

Digital Radiology

We use digital radiology at our hospital. Digital radiology allows us to identify internal issues quickly and efficiently.

Dental Radiology

Dental radiology allows us to check your pet’s oral condition. Full-mouth dental x-rays allow us to check for underlying tooth decay, tooth fractures, and more.

In-House Laboratory

We have an in-house laboratory that allows us to run blood tests, emergency diagnostics, and pre-anesthesia blood work. We also utilize an outside lab for certain extensive laboratory tests that may be needed.


We utilize a mobile ultrasound service by appointment. A traveling ultrasound specialist comes to our office to perform internal imaging, echocardiograms, and abdominal scans.